Conference Proceedings

# Year Reviewed Conference Paper
1 2017 Macharia, J; Ndirangu,D; Mbogo,M (2017) Determinants of plagiarism software adoption by university students: The case of United States International University. The 4th East African Multi-Disciplinerly Research Conference EARMARC 4), USIU-Africa, Nairobi Kenya
2 2014 Macharia, J., & Maroa, C. (2014). Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) Implementation Characteristics that Influence the Quality of Healthcare in Private Hospitals in Kenya. IST-Africa 2014 Conference Proceedings (pp. 1-12).
3 2014 Mbogo, M., & Macharia, J. (2014). E-Transactions and Management Accounting Practices of Kenyan Manufacturing Companies: A Literature Review. ICSB World Conference Proceeding. Retrieved from
4 2014 Namuye, S., Mutanu, L., Chege, G., & Macharia, J. (2014). Leveraging health through the enhancement of information access using Mobile and service oriented technology. IST-Africa Conference. IEEE. doi:10.1109/ISTAFRICA.2014.6880661 IEEE. doi:10.1109/ISTAFRICA.2014.6880661
5 2013 Macharia, J. (2013). Mobile Applications to Enhance Versatility of Mobile Learning in Higher Education. 6 UbuntuNet Alliance annual conference, 2013, (pp. 135-144). Retrieved from
6 2013 Macharia, J., & Okunoye, A. (2013). Mobile Banking Influence on Wealth Creation for the Unbanked. nternational Conference on ICT for Africa 2013, February 20 --23, Harare, Zimbabwe, (pp. 1-9). Retrieved from Mobile banking influence
7 2012 Macharia, ,. J., & Nyakwende, E. (2012). Factors Influencing the Diffusion of Learning Management Systems by Instructors in Higher Education. International Conference on ICT for Africa 2012 21-24th March, Makerere University Business School Kampala, Uganda,, (pp. 1-16).
8 2011 Macharia, J., & Nyakwende, E. (2011). Towards a dynamic model for diffusion of learning management systems by university instructors. 3rd International Conference on ICT for Africa, March 23‐26, Covenant University, Ota State, Nigeria,, (pp. 138-149). Retrieved from

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