Professional Teaching Philosophy, Strategies, Objectives

Teaching Methods and Strategies
(i) Description of Instructional Strategies and Technology Applications for Teaching and Learning
In this section I have nine (9) methods that I choose from any time I have to do the classroom business. Knowledge and application of effective use of teaching methodologies and technology is key in my delivery. Below is a list of methods that I use depending on the subject /topic and objective of the learning
# Teaching Method Description of the method My application
1 Case Method Using the case Method to teach Group discussions
2 Direct instruction Direct instruction (most commonly used). Direct the responses of the students by telling them what to do, show them how to practice, and direct them in their practice. In Lectures
3 Task teaching Task teaching (station teaching). Allow students to practice different tasks at the same time. Different programming problems
Different group tasks
4 Guided discovery Guided discovery. Asking the students questions that allows them to solve a problems. This teaching method is designed to make the students think about the problem. Quizes
5 Cooperative learning Cooperative learning. Designed to promote group interdependence and individual responsibility. Group projects
6 Convergent inquiry Convergent inquiry. Encourages students to discover the same answers to a number of questions the teacher asked. Different algorithms to one problem
7 Divergent inquiry Divergent inquiry. The teacher presents a problem and encourages the students to find as many answers as possible. One problem /output many algorithms
8 Child-designed Child-designed . Allows students to be the center of the learning activities.
9 Peer teaching Peer teaching Use peers to teach one another in pairs or small groups. Small groups
10 Constructivism Constructivist. Students learn by fitting new information. together with information they already know. Link between previous lectures

How do I know and choose the right methodology for the activity at hand?
I examine the nature of my activity and consider goals and number of lectures, then I choose the method accordingly as per the table below:
How I choose an effective teaching methodology
# Teaching method I find it appropriate when:
1 Direct instruction learning a new skill
2 Task teaching practicing a skill the students already learned.
3 Inquiry stimulates thinking
4 Peer teaching cooperation and practice
5 Cooperative learning group-relation skills
6 student-designed group-relation skills


Use of E-learning technolgy for enhancing learng effectiveness

My courses on E-Learning technology

Materials available for students on E-Learning




Weekly Tests


IST 2020 Introduction to programming;




IST 2040 Information systems and applications;




IST 4050 Global information systems;




NET 4040 Telecommunications applications.;


 IST6000 Informations systems management;


(ii) Descriptions and documentation of innovation in instructional strategies .
• I have documented all additional materials required to accompany ALL my courses. The samples in appendix 2 & 3;
• Use of group discussions;
• Use of lecture; and
• Research oriented problems.

(i) Documentation of disciplinary knowledge and/or interdisciplinary synthesis and application in course materials and assignments.
The student exercises in Telecommunications applications course that involve programming applications like Browser application, TCP client server and UDP client server, as well as FTP applications clearly require synthesizing knowledge and skills in both programming discipline as telecommunication.

(ii) Descriptions and documentation of innovative use of technology for teaching and learning
a. PowerPoint Presentations: In all my lectures and labs I have prepared PowerPoint slides that I use will LCD Data projector and a Laptop in the classroom or a desktop in the lab.. When the LCD projector is not available I use transparencies with an overhead projector.
b. I use Handouts for class and Lab Exercises.
c. Use of E-Learning resources: All my courses as from summer 2003 are in our campus WEBct.

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