Grants and Contracts

Awarded Case writing competition 2nd Position winner in the Association of African Business Schools (AABS) Case writing competition in 2007

Macharia, J,(2012).M-banking: Boosting economic growth and poverty reduction for the unbanked. USIU internal award of grant of Ksh 400,000

Macharia, J,(2016). Technological innovation and method for monitoring a vehicle and influencing driver behaviour to reduce speed related traffic road accidents. USIU internal award of grant of Ksh 500,000

Lewa, P, & Macharia, J(2016) Development and evaluation of a business simulation platform for higher education. USIU internal award of a grant of Ksh 500,000

Namuyu, S, Chege, & Macharia(2013). Leveraging Health through the enhancing of information access using mobile and service oriented technology: National Council of science & Technology 4th call for innovations (2012-2013). Awarded of a grant of Ksh 400,000

Media Interview